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Shepherdstown, WV— While most young adults in college are spending the last of their summer days getting extra shut eye before school starts, a small group of students from Shepherd University did exactly the opposite. Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) is a professional, co-ed fraternity that is dedicated to fostering the study of business in universities, Chapter Epsilon Kappa belongs to Shepherd University. This summer, five brothers from Shepherd University attended Grand Chapter Congress, a national conference for the fraternity, which was held from August 16-20 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“It was such an amazing experience,” says Dakota Luttrell, President of Chapter Epsilon Kappa, “we learned new business techniques, we bonded, and we gained valuable networking relationships. Now, we can bring these experiences and connections back to the eastern panhandle, to enhance our rapidly growing business community.”

Taking five brothers from West Virginia to Louisiana is no small logistical task. To make the trip financially possible, the brothers rented a van and embarked on a 20-hour car ride to get there. To fundraise the trip, the brothers held a baseball raffle. The raffle included two pools, one for a Nationals game, and the other for an Orioles game. The raffle was successful, and the Chapter hit their fundraising goal. In return, the Chapter decided to give 10% of all proceeds from the raffle to the Martinsburg Rescue Mission.

“Without the support from our community, the fundraiser would not have been possible,” says Dakota Luttrell, “in return for that support, it was only right that we gave some of the money to those in need. We wanted to show how deeply we care about the local community at Chapter Epsilon Kappa.”

The brothers garnered much of their support from local businesses. Progressive Printing, the next-door neighbor to the Martinsburg Rescue Mission, was the primary corporate sponsor of the fundraiser.

“Progressive Printing was instrumental in our success. Laura Lowther, the owner, exceeded our expectations. We look to continue our business with her in the future, and we highly recommend Progressive Printing to anyone who needs their services.”

In addition to Progressive Printing, the Chapter received support from the Charles Town Moose Lodge, Buffalo Wild Wings, Martin’s, Shop n’ Save, Food Lion, and Dollar General.

“Thank you to everyone who helped make our Grand Chapter Congress a success,” says Dakota Luttrell, “we will never be able to repay you the knowledge and experiences that we acquired at our conference. As students of business and commerce, we can only aspire to give back to the community, just as you have done for us.”